Best Side Hustles to Do at Home

Earning money through side hustles is an excellent way to supplement your income. Additionally, it allows you to explore what interests and skillset you most while earning extra cash.

Before beginning a side hustle, be sure to assess its profitability, viability and growth potential. Doing this will help save time and energy from becoming an unnecessary side hustle.

Print-On-Demand Goods Selling

Print-on-demand goods selling is a relatively new side hustle opportunity that allows you to customize white label products under your own brand with custom designs, without needing to buy in bulk or maintain inventory. This eliminates the need for bulk purchases or inventory management.

Testing out design ideas without investing a substantial amount of money upfront is an excellent way to experiment. Once your designs are created, your print-on-demand company will handle printing and shipping for you.

Print-on-demand services come in many forms, from marketplaces like Redbubble and Zazzle to ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy. Each provides its own set of features, so it’s essential that you find the one best suited to your business needs.

The top print-on-demand sites provide superior products and superior printing methods. Furthermore, they are open about their printing and shipping times as well as having competitive prices.

These companies are user-friendly, offering an easy signup process and a wide selection of products. They’re ideal for new entrepreneurs who need to get their business off the ground quickly and effortlessly.

Start your search for a POD marketplace at Redbubble, an established leader. Their prices are competitive and their product quality is top notch. They offer a wide range of items including clothing and homeware items at very reasonable prices.

Zazzle is another good starting point; it’s been around for some time and has built up an established POD site with a large customer base. Although its growth rate is slow and saturated, there is still plenty of business to be done there.

Alternatively, Printful offers a more robust design maker and extensive product options. This makes Printful an excellent option for designers who want to offer products that stand out from their competition.

To be successful with print-on-demand business, it is essential to select the appropriate products to sell and build your brand. The most effective way to do this is by exploring your options and ordering test samples before committing to full scale production runs.

Print-on-demand products to consider selling include socks, hair scrunchies and beverage tumblers. These items have a strong trending presence and can fit into any eCommerce store niche.

Tech Setup

One of the more complex and rewarding side hustles you can do at home is tech setup. This involves getting all your devices working together seamlessly to rewiring your network for high security and safety. Furthermore, make sure to get the best deal on laptops, printers or phones. Your local computer store’s tech experts can assist with more mundane tasks like replacing a hard drive. To save you time from having to reinstall all your files and photos, they may also suggest cost effective solutions for networking needs – saving hassle in the long run and leaving more time for work-life balance!

Dog Walking

Dog walking can be an ideal side hustle for animal enthusiasts who want to make some money in their free time. Not only do you get to meet new dogs daily, but it’s also a great way to build a business that fits within your lifestyle.

People without access to dogs may find this option ideal, as many are seeking flexible side hustles that fit around their schedules. This is especially beneficial for students who must attend classes regularly or remain busy with homework.

The dog walking industry is on the rise, making it a great opportunity for those seeking extra income on the side. But before you dive in, it’s essential to comprehend what it takes to succeed.

1. The top dog walking services boast an impeccable reputation for dependability and customer satisfaction.

Wag! is an app that matches pet parents with sitters based on preferences and schedules. The service is free to use, allowing users to book walks up to 40 days ahead. Furthermore, Wag! offers a complimentary in-home consultation before booking the first walk – helping them become familiar with each client’s individual requirements and preferences.

2. For a more luxurious experience, Swifto offers locations in New York City and Miami. They pride themselves on hiring only the highest-caliber walkers, and they pay you immediately after each of your first few walks.

3. Be sure you’re up-to-date on licensing and insurance.

Different jurisdictions have different requirements for dog walkers’ licenses, as do different insurance providers. In order to protect yourself financially and to safeguard your business against potential lawsuits, you’ll need liability insurance as well as pet owner’s coverage in case of accidents.

4. Dog walking offers the advantage of not needing high startup costs and can easily find clients through word of mouth referrals.

Steady, a site that connects dog walking and pet sitter job opportunities in the US, offers plenty of dog walking jobs. They offer free membership and give you access to income boosters as well as other tools for building your side hustle.


Neighboring is an excellent way to generate extra income without having to leave your neighborhood. Furthermore, this side hustle allows you to meet new people and form meaningful connections within your community.

The great thing about this side hustle is that it requires minimal effort on your part. All you have to do is list the space available, approve renters and then collect payments from them. That’s it!

On Neighbor, you can list your garage, basement, spare room, shed, driveway or attic to let people rent it out. After a tenant is approved by you through the app, communication between both parties via the app will commence to set up a rental agreement.

Once you sign up with Neighbor, they will link your bank account so they can collect payments each month for you. Additionally, you must verify your email and phone number as well as submit a photo identification.

When a prospective tenant comes to your storage space to rent it, you can arrange to view their items before making your decision. Furthermore, you can set up an informal meetup with them so that you get to know them better.

If you have extra storage space in a garage or storage shed, Neighbor could be the perfect side hustle for you. The site provides free property protection plans to those who use it, making this an ethical and low-risk way to make some extra cash.

Hosts can expect to earn several hundred dollars a month from this side hustle, and it’s an excellent way to generate passive income. However, keep in mind that Neighbor charges a 4.9% processing fee for using its service and 30 cents for every reservation made.

House sitting can be an invaluable side hustle for financial security. Not only does it generate extra income, but it’s also an opportunity to pay off debt and save for retirement.