Side Hustle For Accountants

Side hustle for accountants

Side hustles are one of the best ways to increase your income and can also provide invaluable experience and skills that will benefit your career.

Accountants provide their services in various forms. Some common services accountants offer include tax preparation, online tutoring services, E-Commerce sites and real estate investing.

Tax Preparation

If you possess expertise in accounting and money management, tax preparation as a side hustle could provide additional income. Tax preparation services have become a lucrative side business that provides recurring revenue all year long – whether local or online; with options to specialize in either personal or business taxes as options for income generation.

Accountants could consider starting a virtual bookkeeping business to make use of their financial expertise and help small businesses manage the financial aspects of their operation. It can be an excellent way of earning extra income while building experience – this career path could prove quite lucrative depending on your skill set and clientele served.

freelance writing can be an excellent side hustle for writers who possess a flair for language arts. There are numerous freelance websites where you can apply for writing jobs; you will get paid per article or word written. Before applying to any of the freelance websites listed above, ensure they are credible so you have a chance at being hired!

Consulting services are another lucrative venture. Accountants possess deep accounting knowledge that they can utilize to assist other businesses develop their processes and systems while helping them understand tax laws and regulations in their areas of operation.

Start a podcast that covers accounting topics. This is an effective way of earning passive income without leaving home, provided that you have access to both a computer and an internet connection; once recorded using microphone and software.

As well as traditional means of earning income, another way of making extra cash can be by selling photos through stock photo sites such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. You could also invest in real estate as a passive income-producing vehicle for those who have already paid off their mortgage and debts.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring can be another effective way for accountants to make extra cash. Many students struggle to pass their accounting exams and would gladly pay someone to assist. You can set up tutor services online, working with students or those aspiring to become accountants as well as anyone wanting to improve their grades – it feels good helping others reach their goals while earning some decent money simultaneously!

At times, small businesses need a helping hand with their finances but are unable to hire full-time accountants. You could offer freelance accounting services directly to these businesses to assist them with bookkeeping, invoicing, financial analysis, payroll processing and tax preparation – you may find clients by posting ads online job portals or networking with professionals in the accounting field.

If you are an adept speaker and enjoy being on camera, launching a YouTube channel and making money through advertising and affiliate marketing could be lucrative. Make video tutorials about state tax laws or current events in accounting to attract an audience and make even more money – you could even host webinars for maximum reach and revenue potential!

Write articles for publications to add extra cash as an accountant. There are many websites that publish articles, and if one finds your writing interesting enough for publishing purposes you could get paid! Write for small business blogs that cover finance, accounting practices and other business-related topics. Running a blog can be an enjoyable and fulfilling side hustle that allows you to express yourself creatively. Finding writing jobs is easy by browsing online job portals or networking with fellow business owners and professionals within your industry. When selecting an area of writing for which you have interest and that can bring value to readers of your articles.


Start a side hustle to supplement your income and build skills! Before embarking on this venture, however, it’s essential that you understand all legal requirements and costs associated with running a business as well as creating an appropriate structure which limits liability while protecting assets against unexpected events.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most lucrative side hustles for accountants to pursue as an additional revenue stream online. Simply promote a product of a company online and earn commission when someone buys it; either on your own or through platforms like Upwork to find clients remotely and work together remotely.

Accounting professionals looking to diversify their income may benefit from selling e-books about topics they care deeply about, like taxes, cooking or entrepreneurship. Writing can be an excellent way of earning passive income in this way.

Accountants have the analytical and quantitative skills to conduct online market research for businesses. This may involve surveys, polls and interviews designed to gather information about consumer behaviors, demographics and other aspects that impact a market for any given business. This data can then be used to enhance products and services as well as increase sales.

Make the most of your accounting skills as a freelance business consultant by offering accounting-related consulting services to businesses and individuals, such as tax preparation, financial advice, bookkeeping services and bookkeeping support. To start this venture, identify a specific niche market to target while developing an effective marketing plan to attract clients.

Travel enthusiasts who also have a love of vacation rentals can make extra income and take advantage of their passion by owning and managing one. You should expect to dedicate much of their time and resources into running it properly.

As another moneymaking option, selling your t-shirts on print-on-demand platforms such as Spreadshop or Teespring could prove rewarding. Selling is an efficient and hassle-free way to generate online profits without needing to manage inventory purchases or shipping issues.

Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment is one of the more established side hustles for accountants. Residential or commercial property investment can generate steady rent income; however, real profits come from selling properties for more than you paid – something which can happen rapidly when investing in opportunity zones – with capital gains tax rates lower than ordinary income rates.

Accounting professionals who love numbers may want to consider becoming financial planners. Financial planners provide clients with financial management advice and prepare them for retirement while earning hourly rates of between $250 to over $1,000 an hour.

Accountants’ attention to detail also makes them ideal candidates as mobile notary loan signing agents, traveling directly to homeowners’ homes to sign mortgage documents. Members of Side Hustle Nation have reported making up to $8,000 monthly from this business venture.

If you love writing, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) may offer an easy and lucrative side hustle: publishing an e-book through KDP on Amazon’s Kindle storefront. KDP is free to use and allowing book-publishing is simple – once successful sales occur you’ll get paid every time someone purchases one!

Investment properties or flipping houses isn’t for everyone, but if you have enough funds it can be highly rewarding. Just remember there are risks involved, including unexpected repairs and eviction costs – therefore having an emergency fund set aside before commencing is critical to ensure its success.

If you don’t want to spend any money up-front on renting space in your home or apartment, why not try renting it out through Arrived? By pooling money together and investing in income-generating property through this platform, Arrived makes renting possible without incurring upfront fees while still taking advantage of tax breaks associated with rental ownership. Of course it is essential to consult your financial advisor prior to making any significant real estate investments.