Side Hustle For Data Entry

Side hustle for data entry

Data entry can provide an extra source of income to part-time workers and stay-at-home parents during times of economic uncertainty. Data entry jobs provide an ideal source of supplemental income that’s perfect for stay-at-home parents as an additional income stream.

Data entry work at home requires a variety of skills, such as fast typing, patience and multitasking abilities. Unfortunately, data entry can often become repetitive or monotonous so it’s essential that you find a position that best suits you.


Microworkers is an online platform that brings employers seeking small tasks done and workers willing to complete them together. Jobs tend to be quick and simple with low pay rates – a great way for you to generate extra income on the side!

Microworkers offers various jobs, such as writing, proofreading, taking photos, researching apps and research studies, audio recording sessions as well as surveys. Pay will depend on both task type and experience level of worker.

Pay typically ranges from several cents for less-than-minute tasks, to several Dollars for longer or more involved jobs. Assuming you complete multiple of these jobs simultaneously, the more money you can make!

Microworkers offers many straightforward jobs, like following and liking something on social media or searching Google for a specific subject matter. While these can be great ways to earn some extra cash, be wary when selecting which tasks you do on this platform.

One downside of this site is that payment will only come when your work has been approved. Although this can be annoying, this method also gives an idea of how many other people have been approved for similar tasks so as to help avoid scammers.

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Before withdrawing money from your account, it is necessary to verify your home address by receiving a PIN in the mail and entering it into your account in order to get your initial payout. Although this process could take up to four weeks, it will surely pay off in the end!

Your earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal, Dwolla, Skrill, Local Funds Transfer through Transpay and Payoneer as well as Local Funds Transfer within 72 hours after verifying your PIN.

Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services is an online data entry company offering work from home opportunities for data entry technicians. As they pay per project, this can provide a steady source of income if you can do enough work. They require typing speeds of 50 words per minute or higher without errors to work at home with them.

Axion Data Services not only offers online data entry services, but they also offer forms processing and project management outsourced from their Google Cloud Platform, adhering to best data security practices.

At Axion Data, the average hourly pay will vary based on your skill level and volume of work you receive. Your pay depends on which forms you complete – be sure to experiment with various projects until you find something that resonates.

Fast typists could make even more money with Axion Data’s fast forms that pay between $0.04-$0.8 each; those taking 30-600 minutes tend to fetch between $6-$9 each.

The company strives to relieve their clients of facility burdens through providing data entry services. As part of that objective, they’re always searching for experienced data entry operators to join their team as administrative workers or preferred staff independent contractors.

Their applications are rigorous, with every applicant going through an in-depth background check to make sure they possess the skills needed for data entry projects. As an equal opportunity employer, you’ll also have no restrictions as a freelance contractor or full-time employee regardless of race, age, gender, religion, national origin or disability status.

Axion Data requires US citizenship and two years of data entry experience as requirements to work at their company. They also charge a small fee to stay on their database so you will be informed about any upcoming data entry jobs that become available.


Clickworker offers flexible work-from-home jobs around the world that could earn up to $10 an hour, making Clickworker an appealing way for individuals looking for extra ways to make extra cash on the side.

Microtasks on this platform require no formal qualifications for completion; examples include data entry, surveys and image analysis.

Clickworker offers multiple ways for individuals to get started, including signing up via their website or downloading the free app. After registering, users can begin taking assessments and tests in order to discover jobs suited for them.

According to your level of accuracy, projects will be assigned that require your skills. You have the flexibility of either working full-time or part-time.

Clickworker also offers limited referral rewards – when someone you refer joins and works on the platform for several weeks, you could receive a payout of 5 Euros as compensation!

For Clickworker freelance work to be successful, accurate details about your language and copywriting abilities as well as hobbies must be provided to the company in order to guarantee successful completion of work-from-home jobs.

Once you submit this information, additional assessments that could qualify you for more work-from-home jobs may become available. It’s essential that all necessary assessments be completed quickly in order to get noticed quickly so more jobs are pushed your way.

If you are not native English speaker, an assessment must first be completed to test both reading and writing ability. Once complete, clients can begin receiving your work for submission.

Clickworker is a legal and trustworthy platform for freelance work online, and a favorite among freelancers and business owners who need microtasks outsourced on an ongoing basis.

Even though this platform has yet to receive accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, they do respond to reviews on TrustPilot – an influential business rating website – which shows their dedication and care for keeping customers satisfied.


Data entry can be an excellent side hustle for those looking to make extra income online without leaving home. With dedication and perseverance, data entry can become a full-time income from home option if done properly.

Fiverr is an ideal platform to find freelance data entry work if you have basic computer skills and reliable internet connection. This two-way platform connects buyers and sellers for all sorts of services at competitive rates, and registration as both is completely free!

As a seller, you create “gigs” to describe the services you offer and their associated prices – everything from typing letters and creating logos to editing blog posts or blog post writing and editing. Once posted, potential buyers request your gig and once someone shows interest you’ll get a notification; at this point you can respond with either an offer or direct messaging to clarify details further.

Search the database to locate a service request that matches your requirements, then filter by seller level ratings or user reviews to narrow your results further.

Reading an individual seller’s profile is the easiest way to assess their quality. Their profile should contain details about past clients’ reviews, average response time and portfolio of work; any poorly written profiles could be an indicator that could determine your decision whether or not to hire them.

Another key consideration when hiring freelancers is their hourly rate. You should check each seller’s profile to see if their rates are competitive with other data entry specialists; otherwise, seek other alternatives instead.

At first, it’s essential that data entry services maintain competitive pricing in order to be competitive against more seasoned freelancers who charge higher. Furthermore, you must establish an excellent reputation among buyers by responding promptly and offering reasonable fees for services rendered.

Search for data entry jobs offered by companies that allow remote workers, so that you can work from home and reduce living costs while earning steady income. This could provide additional savings while creating a steady source of income.