Side Hustle For Personal Trainers

Side hustle for personal trainers

If you are a fitness professional looking for ways to expand their income stream, starting a side hustle could be the way forward. Numerous fitness professionals have built successful careers through part-time employment.

Personal training can be an ideal side hustle that brings in extra cash, as well as providing an opportunity for you to make an impactful difference in people’s lives.

Food Delivery

Food delivery can be an ideal side hustle for personal trainers interested in nutrition. With this easy job done on your own time and the potential earnings reaching several hundred dollars per week delivering food.

Food Delivery can be an excellent way to add extra cash flow and is a burgeoning industry worth $122 billion!

Food delivery business models range from platforms that connect restaurants and drivers, to full-stack models where everything is managed internally. You should choose one based on your individual needs and goals.

Platform To Consumer (P2C) food delivery business models are increasingly prevalent. Under this business model, third-party apps list restaurants within certain proximity of customer’s location that deliver meals directly. A fee may be assessed per successful transaction made via this platform.

While this model is straightforward to implement, it does have some drawbacks. First of all, customer churn is quite high due to the low entry barrier for food delivery startups and intense competition in this space. As a result, most new customers tend to stop using your services within weeks after enrolling with you.

Food delivery businesses also charge very high fees, often up to 30% commission per transaction, making it hard for businesses to turn a profit.

Food delivery companies that reach sufficient scale can tailor supply and pricing accordingly, which allows them to push products with higher margins or strong customer ratings.

Finally, businesses also possess the power to select which restaurants and suppliers they promote on their platform, giving them a distinct competitive edge over similar restaurants and suppliers.

Food delivery is one of the US’s fastest-growing industries and expected to experience exponential expansion due to user-friendly apps, urban expansion and technological developments such as drones and robotic vehicles.

Dog Walking

Dog walking can be an engaging side hustle for personal trainers. The job entails visiting clients’ homes to take dogs out for daily exercise in half-hour or one-hour increments, and requires an appreciation of animals as well as an ability to effectively manage time.

Walking can be physically demanding work; walkers spend much of their day moving from place to place. Additionally, they must arrange appointments, manage billing accounts and send photos/update social media platforms when appropriate; as well as handle emergencies.

Dog walking offers many health advantages for both humans and their canine companions alike. This low-impact activity can strengthen muscles and bones while controlling weight and increasing energy levels.

Many public health advocates advocate that Americans engage in 75 minutes of physical activity each week; dog walking can easily fit into busy lifestyles to meet this requirement.

Exercise offers multiple advantages for dogs. Exercise allows them to maintain both their physical and emotional well-being by helping to burn off excess energy, enhance moods and decrease behavior issues.

Pet owners are willing to spend extra for their pup’s wellbeing and attention, which is why dog walking businesses are constantly searching for experienced professionals to expand their clientele base.

As a dog walker, your primary responsibility should be providing safe and comfortable environments for the dogs you walk. This involves learning each one’s personality, exercise needs, preferences and owners as well as communicating any concerns you may have regarding their pets.

Picking up and disposing of dog droppings discovered during walks is also necessary, and ensure each pup has food and water when you return them home. Notify the owner immediately about any occurrences or injuries while walking their pets.

Becoming a dog walker requires two primary criteria, an interest in animals and a high school diploma or equivalent. Some companies also require applicants to pass written and in-person tests that demonstrate they possess the knowledge and abilities needed to safely walk pups. Furthermore, you must obtain all of the required licensing and insurance in order to open your own dog walking business.


Refereeing can be an invaluable side job for personal trainers. Not only can it allow you to watch sports while earning extra income, but it can also help build relationships within the community.

As an umpire or referee in either basketball or volleyball, officials form an incredible bond that sets them apart from their counterparts in other sports – one which provides an unrivaled sense of camaraderie that cannot be found elsewhere.

Refereeing is also an effective way to exercise and stimulate the mind, as you must make quick decisions while remaining calm under fire from angry parents and players alike. Many youth sports associations actively recruit referees because their rosters simply can’t fill themselves.

Youth sports players can make $15-30 a game in lower leagues; high school and collegiate sports may generate higher returns – up to an estimated $800 per college game!

Refereeing as a side hustle can be especially appealing because it often functions like an independent contractor-type role, meaning you have complete flexibility over your schedule and workload based on location and sport availability. Plus, depending on where you reside, multiple sports might even come your way throughout the year!

If you love football, soccer or basketball as much as I do, becoming a referee may be an ideal way to stay active while making additional income. While physical demands of these sports may take their toll on your body, they also bring great enjoyment!

Your knowledge of sports can also be put to good use as you provide coaching opportunities to other players through various organizations, including youth sports groups and Special Olympic teams.

Assuming you have the necessary talent, refereeing could become your full-time profession. Before embarking on this path, be sure to research each sport’s requirements as well as any required experience to qualify as a referee.

Sports officials can easily earn six-figure salaries; all it requires to make it work is dedication and determination.


Coaching can be an excellent way to supplement your income as a qualified fitness professional. Coaches work with clients of various kinds – individuals wanting to enhance their health and wellbeing as well as those looking for career advice or business support services.

Being a coach requires much energy, time and dedication – therefore it is crucial that you plan your side hustle carefully in order to ensure adequate rest both before and after each job.

Your time must be managed efficiently so that client sessions go off without feeling rushed or burnt out, while having an understanding of your income goals for your new business will allow you to decide whether adding side gigs into your routine makes financial sense.

There are various ways you can earn a good living as a fitness coach, the key being choosing one that’s appropriate to you and your personality. For instance, if you prefer not interacting with many people directly then focusing on side hustles without too much interaction may be better suited for you.

Another option for side hustles is selling online courses. If fitness is your passion, this could be an opportunity to offer workouts tailored specifically to body types or lifestyles and scale your business while still earning a decent income.

As well as selling online courses, you could also set up a blog or website and write content relating to fitness topics – this could earn money through referrals and website traffic.

Food delivery can be an excellent side hustle that allows you to earn over $20 an hour! Use apps such as Doordash or Instacart and make the most of your free time to deliver meals to clients and earn your extra income.