Using Online Marketing and Consumer Purchase Behaviour to Improve Your Business

Using online marketing and consumer purchase behaviour to improve your business is not just about using social media to attract customers. Rather, it’s about analyzing and predicting how people will buy your products and services. Modern analytics can help you do this.

Targeting the kid’s market and young mothers

Whether you are a parent or a marketer, the kids’ market is an important one. Marketers can’t afford to ignore this demographic. Using modern technologies, it is possible to target individual children with personalized advertising.

For instance, behavioural targeting is used to send ads based on individual information. Similarly, viral ads are created to be passed on to friends and family. These types of marketing campaigns are designed to build brand loyalty from an early age.

Other ways to engage kids are through contests and incentive programs. Using contests, sponsors can exchange prizes, funds, or advertising for school events. Using the internet, it is possible to collect information about young people and recommend products in a genuine way. This type of advertising is also popular among online “influencers”. It is possible to get paid for these recommendations, if a company wants to boost its online visibility.

The most popular type of marketing campaign for kids is family entertainment. Children spend their parents’ money on games, sports, and food. Happy Meals are popular for the simple fact that they make healthy choices and highlight nutritious ingredients.

Mobile marketing is the most important variable

Using mobile marketing to drive traffic to your website is a great way to attract and retain customers. A survey by RescueTime revealed that the average person spent three hours and fifteen minutes on their smartphone per day. Moreover, the top 20% of smartphone users spend at least four hours a day on their devices. As for the mobile marketing tactics you can use, you have several options. You can target specific mobile devices, personalize the user experience, and use a variety of formats.

One of the most popular ways to engage customers is through mobile push notifications. These short messages are delivered via mobile app or web pages. They can be media-rich, and can also contain a call to action. The one-two punch of mobile push notifications and mobile email is one of the most effective ways to market to customers. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with customers. However, there are some pros and cons to mobile marketing.

EKB model of consumer behavior theory focuses on input

Using a four-phase model, the EKB model of consumer behavior theory focuses on inputs that influence consumer decision making. It is an evolution of the theory of reasoned action. Consumers process information, evaluate alternatives, and make a purchasing decision. External factors are also a factor in the decision-making process.

The initial information stage is the most important of all the stages in the model. During this stage, the consumer receives most of the marketing materials. These may be advertisements, billboards, and in-person displays. When the consumer has received most of the information, the consumer will combine that information with his own experiences and expectations. The decision-making process is also determined by the psychological characteristics of the consumer. The psychological factors are influenced by the individual’s social class, social environment, and peer and friend influences.

The model of consumer behavior theory also considers the involvement of consumers during the purchase decision process. It divides consumers into high involvement and low involvement groups.

Modern analytics helps marketers understand and predict consumer behavior

Using modern analytics technologies, marketers can now analyze vast amounts of consumer data to understand and predict consumer purchase behavior. With this data, companies can hone their customer strategy and increase sales.

Consumer behavior involves both qualitative and quantitative data. It involves the observation of consumer behavior in-store and online. It also involves interviews with consumers. The information can be used to create personalized marketing offers for the consumer. It can also help identify new marketing opportunities.

Using modern analytics technologies, marketers can also draw relationships between demographics, targeting techniques, and buying behavior. This provides a 360-degree view of marketing activities. This helps identify pain points and increase the chances of delivering a positive experience.

Modern analytics technologies also allow marketers to create personalized engagement campaigns through social media marketing. These campaigns are customized for each customer and can be used to increase conversions and retention volume. It can also help improve customer satisfaction, which can impact customer loyalty and ROI.